Crafts By Cath

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The Mice Collection

Dilly dormouse henrietta Tiffany felicity susannah lilac susannah cream Susannah susannah purple

This mouse is unfragranced, it is dressed on a cone base with a cotton dress and contrasting embroided apron.

The six pockets are filled with sewing accessories.

Susannah the Sewing Mouse   £8.00 each

These mice are all filled with lavender flowers. Henrietta is dressed in gingham. Tiffany is in patterned fabric and Dilly is dressed in plain fabric.  All have contrasting embroidered aprons

Henrietta House Mouse

Felicity Fieldmouse

Tiffany Town Mouse

Henrietta House Mouse

Henrietta House Mouse

Henrietta House Mouse

Dilly Dormouse

Lavender Bag Mice      £6.00 each